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Cloud-Based Software Continues To Skyrocket, Here’s Why

by James Musoba
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Lately, Cloud computing has consistently made the headlines for amazing reasons. Here’s one for you: “Public cloud computing industry continues to skyrocket and is projected to be worth more than $830 billion by 2025. “

Here we will be discussing what makes cloud computing amazing, and why hundreds of businesses are migrating to the cloud every day. 

It Only Gets Better

Industry analysts predicted the worth of the cloud market to be $200 billion by 2020. Actually, now we know that public IT cloud services surpassed the $200 billion mark in 2020. The global cloud computing market was reported to be worth more than $370 billion as of October 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global lockdown not only served to highlight the massive ease and flexibility cloud computing offers, but also the massive economic resources that could be saved by taking advantage of cloud services.

Why are Businesses Migrating  to Cloud-Based Software?

Here are 4 solid reasons why businesses are migrating to the cloud:

  • Cloud Computing has Greater Benefits

The benefits of a cloud computing system go beyond your employees. Businesses also figured that it was a better way to improve their customer experience. Lots of glitches and setbacks in delivery can be reduced with a cloud system.

It only makes sense that the cloud computing software and its services dominate the market. We’re in a tech-inclined age, in which digitalization is not only the easiest and most flexible choice, it is the most cost-efficient.

  • Demand of the Technological Age

Cloud-based solutions are the perfect standard for a generation that demands digitalization. Information and services can be readily made available anywhere and anytime. And with innovations like cloud telephone systems and remote collaboration tools replacing traditional systems, organizations can no longer ignore them.

  • Cloud Solutions Optimize APIs

With cloud-based software, you can optimize the use of  Application Program Interfacing (APIs). Through APIs, enterprises can do a lot of tasks, and serve their customers better. 

APIs provide functions that allow applications to access data and interact with third-party apps, operating systems, and more. Without APIs it would be much harder to integrate Software tools and share data between them.

  • Better way of matching Increasing Data Storage Needs

Cloud-based software is our best alternative for managing the increasing amount of data businesses deal with in this age. Traditional storage systems are not enough anymore. Cloud-based software makes digitalization possible. The same way cloud computing makes it easy to adapt to smart evolving technologies like Artificial  Intelligence and cognitive computing.


With the evolution of these industries and the migration of everyday data and operations to the cloud, it is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional IT system can’t keep up the pace with AI and cognitive computing, deployed in cloud-based platforms.

Companies are getting their ships ready to ride this new wave, and it only looks more likely that the industry is not here to stay, but it aims to replace existing traditional industries.

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