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Subaru show’s a sneak peek of it’s first ever electric vehicle, the Solterra

by Dennis Mathu
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Many traditional automakers have already revealed, produced and started selling electric vehicles (EV) . Considering that the world has a common goal of reducing emissions, it is only fair to expect every serious car manufacturer will eventually take the electric route at some point. Subaru is the latest company to do so via a short video that teases it’s first ever EV, the upcoming Solterra.

This is the second teaser from the brand so far, the first one showed the Solterra’s side view, it became evident that it will be a crossover car.

This new videos shows the side, rear and the front. The rear has two distinct spoilers and an angular shape for the taillights. A glimpse of the front shows headlights with four, square LED’s.

The video continues to show the Solterra on the move. The EV intentionally goes so far away in the shot that there isn’t much to see. I guess they are saving some of surprises for later teasers or the full reveal.

The video brings backs the image of the cabin from the previous teaser. It shows the interior’s digital instrument cluster. As with many electric vehicles, there’s a large infotainment screen on the center stack and a touchpad on the console.

The Toyota BZ4X shown above, shares similar design concepts with the Subaru Solterra

From the video, one can tell that Subaru Solterra’s exterior design borrows many aspects of the Toyota BZ4X including the cabin. However, there are some distinct differences between the two vehicles to tell them apart.

It is expected that the Solterra will be all wheel drive, with two electric motors to do the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, no specific powertrain specifications have been released so far, same goes for the battery and range info.

Since the number of video teasers have been increasing, it would be a good indication that the Subaru Solterra is nearing its full reveal. Also, Toyota is gearing up for the BZ4X debut before the end of the year, which will give us more details on what to expect from the Solterra.

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