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It’s official: the Google Pixel 6 will be released on October 19.

We now have a date and time for the unveiling of one of the year’s most anticipated smartphones.

After hinting at the autumn launch a few weeks ago, Google now provides us with a more specific date for the Pixel 6’s formal unveiling, which will take place on October 19 at 20 hours Kenyan time.

Android 12 will throw a party for itself.

The Pixel 6 and its more expensive variant, the Pixel 6 Pro, are hotly anticipated since they signal Google’s triumphant return to the high-end sector, complete with new goals. According to sources, the two smartphones could generate a lot of buzzes thanks to their unusual appearance and enticing technical sheet (with a custom Tensor chip co-developed with Samsung).

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Above all, this year, Google waited until its devices were released before launching Android 12, which is a little later than usual. As a result, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will provide an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the upgrade.

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