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If you abuse your Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung will find out & your warranty will be voided.

by Joseph Richard
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Even while folding smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, it must be acknowledged that they are still somewhat fragile. Samsung is well aware of this and will keep a tight check on the copies returned to them under warranty. Indeed, the South Korean company can now tell if a user is careless.

Samsung wants to avoid being a victim of fraud.

With the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung has made significant progress. The smartphone with a foldable screen, which was released on August 27th, can be more affordable financially while increasing several features like the quality of its images or even its second slab. Another good point we emphasized in our test was the overall increased robustness, which is commendable on such an object.

Given its folding form, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 isn’t the most durable device on the market. The Korean multinational has recognized this, which plans to detect consumers who do not care about their smartphones. Engineers will have the ability to evaluate different data when the customer returns a copy to operate the warranty.

Keep an eye on your phone

As a result, when someone comes to file a claim after a breakage, Samsung engineers can use data from the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s accelerometer. They can tell whether the phone has dropped across a distance of more than one meter this way. And if that’s the case, the manufacturer reserves the right to refuse free warranty repairs. As a result, throwing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 even short distances is strongly discouraged. If not, you might not get your money’s worth.

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