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Twitter Testing A Feature That Will Warn You Before Entering A Heated Conversation

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Twitter is testing a new feature aimed to promote netiquette on its app.

For some Android and iOS users, the firm will give a warning when they’re entering a conversation that could potentially become heated or intense.

The firm will show a “Heads up” note, which prompts the user that “conversations like this can be intense.” In the image above, it appears that the screenshot on the right pops up when replying to a flagged conversation. It lays out three bullet points in a bid to encourage empathy and fact-based conversations between users on the platform.

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This measure is the latest in the firm’s recent efforts to diminish the persistent harassment on its platform.

Last year, Twitter enabled a feature that would ask users to read an article before they retweeted it. The internal results showed that the experiment worked, as people opened the article 40% more often after seeing the prompt.

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It also added another prompt that would warn users before tweeting if the firm deemed that it might be offensive. In other Twitter news, the firm announced last month that it would let users tip creators using Strike, which is a bitcoin-based application.

These kinds of features also further set the official Twitter app out from the third-party options that many enjoy using, including me. Twitter is far from the best iPhone app for social network use, but it’s the one that gets all of Twitter’s features — unlike the options from third-party developers.

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