Android has over 50 times the amount of malware as the iPhone, Says Apple


In an internal memo, Apple expresses its desire for Apple products to be infected with far less malware than Android ones. The Cupertino firm attributes her achievement to a tight control strategy. It claims that iPhone and iPad experience 50 times fewer muggings than Android devices due to their proprietary platforms and applications.

Apple fights tooth and nail to maintain its management system.

Fans of the iPhone and iPad know that application centralization is one of the company’s hallmarks. As a result, downloading an app requires going via the App Store, which eliminates the option of sideloading.

On the other hand, these downloads may constitute an issue for Android users. Apple also included a fake version of the Clubhouse app in its report, claiming that hackers could download malware to Android users to steal much personal information.

Apple uses these examples of malware incursion to illustrate a point: its products are mainly focused on security. An iPhone user would be unlikely to be affected by a security issue or computer virus. At least, that’s what a newly released report claims.

The App Store is once again at the center of the controversy

Apple’s claimed ownership of all of its programs has the unintended consequence of causing financial harm to its workers. Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has filed a lawsuit against the Californian behemoth. This is because by not allowing alternative forms of payment to be used to purchase things in the popular battle royale game, Apple led the video game creator to lose a considerable amount of money.

The California Supreme Court has ordered Apple to soften its unduly stringent regulations to win this legal battle. However, the premise remains the same: breaking its exclusivity restrictions would jeopardize its consumers’ security. In addition, Apple appreciates the opportunity in its report to emphasize protecting its consumers’ data.