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What Features Should Gaming Enthusiasts Look for When Upgrading Their Smartphones?  

Most of us rely upon smartphones to communicate with friends, to enjoy media channels and to keep up to date with the latest events. However, a growing portion of users employ these devices to play their favourite games. Whether referring to an online casino platform, hidden object games or interactions with a live poker dealer, some phones are better than others.

Assuming that you are anticipating an upgrade in the near future, what features should be addressed? Are there any variables specifically important for gamers? We will examine some factors to appreciate so that you can select the most appropriate model for your personal requirements.

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Memory Capacity

Memory is obviously important, as this will have a fundamental impact upon which games can be downloaded. Robust storage is also crucial in terms of latency when streaming games. It is wise to select a model that offers at least eight gigabytes of RAM. Some may even provide you with the ability to increase this amount in the future. Most new models boast a minimum of four gigabytes, so be sure to look around. Although higher capacities will inevitably increase the price of this phone, this is an acceptable sacrifice.


This is a lesser-known concern and yet, it is just as relevant. Some games will cause the CPU of a phone to work harder. This results in the production of heat that needs to be released via internal fans and similar mechanisms (technically known as “throttling”). If heat is allowed to accumulate, it will inevitably affect the performance of the processor and the gameplay itself.

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Even those with little prior knowledge will normally be able to determine which phones cool the fastest. It is best to read objective online reviews, as these tend to be written by experts. Search terms such as “best phone for gaming” or “phone with the most efficient cooling” will produce the desired results.

Screen Size and Resolution

It is a foregone conclusion that the size of the display is key in terms of playing any type of game. However, bigger might not necessarily be better in this case. Extremely large screens can be difficult to manipulate and they will take a toll on the battery of the phone. Dimensions between 5.5 and 6.5 inches are generally considered to be the most appropriate.

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Resolution is another core factor to examine. Pixels per inch alongside what type of technology the display employs is important. Let’s remember that some of the most cutting-edge games such as RPGs, first-person shooters and fantasy-based platforms are highly intricate. This is just as true when referring to popular virtual casino games such as roulette, online slots, poker, and blackjack.

Smaller elements should display clearly and in many cases, users will choose a model that is able to adjust the amount of backlighting based upon ambient conditions. Higher refresh rates (up to 120 Hz) are also preferred, as these will lend a greater sense of realism to the game in question.


How does the phone physically handle? Is it comfortable to manipulate? Is the touchscreen adequately responsive? As mentioned previously, extremely large phones can actually present problems when playing certain games (particularly if you require both hands). In the event that you plan on playing any games while out and about, make sure that the phone can be easily tucked away. Although reading reviews can provide you with a certain amount of clarity, it could be better to visit a smartphone distributor. You will then be able to physically handle different models in order to determine which is the most appropriate.

Battery life

Modern mobile phones have come a long way in terms of how long they will last before a recharge is needed. Some models are even able to provide a steady source of power for more than 24 hours. However, we need to remember that this is under normal operations. Games will require more processing power and this can quickly impact the lifespan of a battery. Although larger batteries will always last longer, this can sometimes impact the size and weight of the phone. So, try to find a balance between these variables.


Price is a final concern and everyone will naturally need to accommodate his or her own budget. Although the cost of many phones has dropped significantly over the past few years, high-end models can still require a significant financial commitment. Thankfully, most providers will offer some type of medium-term payment plan. If you are looking to obtain the best model for gaming, the simple fact of the matter is that it could very well be better to spend slightly more.

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James Musoba
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