At the Vienna Museum, an OnlyFans 18+ account streams nudes


Facebook and Instagram frequently ban Nudity-themed works of art because they are deemed indecent. Faced with their political situation, the Vienna Tourist Board took a risky step.

The Vienna Tourist Office created an account on OnlyFans to oppose restrictions on other social networks and to attract new tourists.

“Each era has its art, and each art has its freedom,” the Viennese Secession painters claimed. Nonetheless, a century later, the social media behemoths disagree. Facebook promised a lightening of its algorithm for works of art, including nudity, after being pinned by museums several times, yet suppression remains. Vienna, exhausted, decided to turn to the only forum where uploading artwork showing nude bodies would be tolerated.

The Vienna Tourist Office has created an account on OnlyFans to upload artwork from the Vienna Museum that features nudity. A protest against social media censorship that routinely, if not almost systematically, blocks nude painting, impeding the promotion of specific exhibits. “It’s unjust and aggravating. That’s why we came up with the idea for OnlyFans: we’ve finally found a way to display these things. “Helena Hartlauer, a spokesperson for the Vienna Tourist Office, confirmed this. This choice also has a commercial appeal because the first subscribers of this new OnlyFans account will receive either a Vienna City Card or a ticket to see the paintings in person at the museum.