The next realme phone will be packed with technologies good enough to compete against Xiaomi devices


The battle to recharge as quickly as possible is becoming more intense. If Xiaomi has gained the lead in this fierce struggle, realme aims to counter its next high-end smartphone. According to the company, the UltraDart technology, a 125 W charging system, will be available next year.

A realme smartphone that charges at 125 watts

Smartphone makers are facing a ruthless race to provide quicker and faster recharges to their customers. Even though Xiaomi and Oppo have a head start, realme is not giving up and plans to use its UltraDart technology to pull the pin. A 125 W charging mechanism allows an empty 4.000 mAh battery to recover 33 percent in under 3 minutes. It would also be compatible with various charging protocols on contemporary smartphones, such as Quick Charge 36 W, 65 W PD for Power Delivery, and 125 W PPS.

According to Madhav Sheth, President of realme’s India, Europe, and Latin America divisions, the UltraDart 125W technology will be commercialized as early as next year. It should be incorporated in the GT’s next smartphone, which the CEO refers to as “flagship ultra-premium.” Little is known about this phone. However, the name implies that realme plans to release a model significantly higher than average. An approach that would be similar to what Xiaomi and Oppo have done in the past.