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How to Insert a Handwritten Signature in Google Docs.


While digital signatures have become increasingly popular for document signing, you may have a document in which you simply want to handwrite your signature. You can easily create and insert your signature using Google’s drawing tool.

Make Your Signature and Insert It

Have you already used the Google Drawings website to create a signature? If this is the case, rather than adding a new signature, you can simply embed the drawing into your document.

  • Visit Google Docs, sign in, and open your document to begin creating a new signature. Insert your cursor where you want the signature to appear in your document. Select “New” from the Insert > Drawing menu.
Click Insert, Drawing, New
  • The Google drawing tool opens with a large, blank canvas for you to sign. Select “Scribble” from the Select a Line drop-down box.
Select Scribble

Use the plus sign that appears to sign your name. You can make it a single, flowing line or a series of lines linked together. If you have one, you could use it as a drawing tablet for this.

Draw your signature
  • Then, if desired, you can change the line color, width, or style. Choose a tool drop-down box for your options after selecting the signature or each piece of it.
Adjust line width for the signature
  • When you’re finished, click “Save and Close” to insert the signature into your document.
Click Save and Close
  • The drawing tool will close, and you’ll be returned to your document, ready to sign.
Signature in Google Doc

Modify or Reposition Your Signature

  • When you insert the drawing into your document, it becomes an image. This allows you to position it in relation to the other text, as well as change its size and rotation. If necessary, you can also edit it after you insert it.
  • Choose the image and then use the options in the floating toolbar that appears beneath it. You can edit the signature (which reopens the drawing tool), arrange the signature with text, or view all image options.
Edit the signature image
  • You can also resize the signature by dragging a corner or edge or use the toolbar options to align it in the document.
Resize or align the signature image