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Apple Music has a new low-cost deal, as well as three new color options for the HomePod mini

by Joseph Richard
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From November, the tiny linked speaker will be available in three colors: yellow, orange, and blue, along with a new Apple Music Voice membership for €4.99 per month. During Apple’s most recent keynote, mainly devoted to unveiling the MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch models, the company announced several musical innovations.

Apple Music Voice is a low-cost service that may be accessed via Siri.

Apple Music Voice introduces a new subscription model to its commercial request. This €4.99/month membership gives you access to the entire music streaming service’s collection, totaling 90 million recordings.

What’s the secret to offering a rate that’s twice as low as its usual offer? Siri can help you find music that suits your mood. The user will not be allowed to build his playlist but instead, utilize the voice assistant to discover relaxing music or start an Apple-created playlist. At this pricing, Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio is not included in this formula, which is also restricted to a single user. Later this autumn, Apple Music Voice will be available as a subscription.

The HomePod mini now comes in three additional colors

What better way to listen to Apple Music with only your voice than through a linked speaker? With the introduction of the HomePod mini, which is now available in five colors, Apple has the answer for you. This little speaker, which we fell in love with a few months ago, is now available in orange, blue, and yellow, in addition to space gray and white, which are still available in the catalog.

The HomePod small, on the other hand, hasn’t changed one iota and still comes with a single speaker, Siri voice assistant, and complete iOS connectivity that requires an iPhone to set up. These new HomePod minis will be available starting in November at the same € 99 pricing.

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