Itel Kenya to give out kids pads and laptops to children at Nakuru’s Mama Ngina Primary School in show of love



Itel Kenya will tomorrow give out kids pads and laptops to children at Nakuru’s Mama Ngina Primary School in show of love in line with its brand philosopy “Enjoy Better Life”.

Since the start of COVID-19, itel, an entry level and reliable brand, has provided budget friendly consumer electronic products to everyone in a move to democratize technology. itel hopes to increase this by giving entry to technology and connectivity to consumers without prior access to it, allowing them to get closer and benefit from their social connections. Itel has a product portfolio of mobile phones, accessories, home appliances and laptop. After years of development, itel has expanded its presence in more than 50 emerging markets globally.

Itel family in Kenya has embrace the virtue of giving back to the community seriously that’s why they have decided to spread love to children at Mama Ngina Primary School in Nakuru  on 21st October 2021 as their H2 project after they visited Imani Childrens Home as their H1 project back in May.

Itel family strongly believe in care for everyone, It is hard to find companies that understand the importance of giving back to the communities that define them. For itel Kenya, the essence of taking a bold initiative to provide infrastructural and basic amenities for the communities surrounding the brand has proven to be a vital aspect of its core values and existence.

The initiative, which partners with ‘The YOUTH BILA NOMA NGO’ is one of the tells family way of giving back to the society as we approach end of year. This is an activity that has made tremendous progress in improving the standards of Children in Kenya. On Thursday 21st October, itel will doll out 50 school desks, 1000 story books, stationaries, bookshelves,  itel kids pads and itel laptops.

Nevertheless, It is exciting to see how itel family incorporates Sustainable development goals into its core business strategies, making it a brand that doesn’t just provide smartphones for everyone but also cares deeply for the needs of its consumers and society at large.