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Best 5 Minecraft Mods


One of the most widespread games in recent days, Minecraft is continuously gaining popularity among gamers. With the latest updates, Minecraft is now on the edge of becoming the most successful game in this decade. Giant platforms like; YouTube has also helped to keep this game relevant. Developed by Mojang Studios, Minecraft comes in the category of sandbox construction video games where players get a chance to interact with a 3D environment. Now, let’s come to the fascinating part that is Minecraft mods. These mods are used to enhance the user experience like other games. If you’re a newbie and want to have a seamless experience, then try out surprising mods in Minecraft. Let’s have a glance over these exciting mods of Minecraft.

1. RLCraft

RLCraft is a popular Mod pack for Minecraft that features a diverse mod to build a  Minecraft fantasy world of around 120. During the experience of a new world, you will encounter countless dragons, dungeons, skill accessories, thirst meters, stopping health regeneration, castles, and crafting systems. RLCraft comes with two exciting modes; Survival and Creative. Between these two, you can either decide to build and endure for as long as possible, or you can create marvelous designs using the in-game blocks. You’ll get new updates with graphics and AI improvements.

2. SkyFactory

If you’re a hardcore gamer and new to the world of Minecraft, dropping into Sky Factory might initially be a little unusual. There are numerous things new to learn, and some questions will come to your mind. Why there are pages on your inventory screen? Why there is a mini-map in the corner of your screen? What is the use of this book in my accessories? You’ll get a seamless experience with full automation, magic, tech, and bacon resources. Resource trees accommodate a built-in progression system and let you pick the resources to create rather than a randomized system. 

3. MC Eternal

Over One million downloads, Minecraft Eternal has gained huge popularity by providing an insane number of quests and objectives. If you are planning to try out new mods, MC Eternal will offer you over 750 unusual quests. To complete these, your buddies or friends can be a bit handful. During your quests, you’ll come across firm boss fights and get the chance to explore dungeons crawling with challenging mobs. In those fights, you can collect various artifacts, weapons, and potions.

4. Tinkers Construct

Among the Minecraft constructive games, Tinkers Construct mod is all about weapons and tools manufacturing. It offers various ways of crafting excellent, more durable, and robust equipment. Patterns play a crucial role for accessories so that a player can create hundreds of combinations.  Once you install Tinkers Construct, you’ll find a book named Materiels and You. With the help of this book, you can get all the necessary knowledge to create new things.

5. Valhelsia 

The latest and updated version of Valhelsia is Valhelsia 2 that allows you to experience three significant Minecraft game elements; technology, research, and magic. Players will get the new accessories and decorative blocks and access to automation and machines. You can explore countless dungeons and graves when you travel to other dimensions. By new approaches, you’ll get the chance to showcase your building skills. If you’re constructing a new house, use new ingredients and woods for roofs, furniture, and walls.

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