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Onewheel debuts its GT variant, which promises to go even further

by Joseph Richard
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The start-up from California Future Motion introduces a new GT model of their Onewheel. This is the company’s latest premium model, which claims to be revamped. The Future Motion company debuted Onewheel Pint, a board with a single (big) wheel and an electric motor, a little over two years ago. Today, the new GT version of the same Onewheel is formally announced.

Leave the electric bikes and scooters behind and make way for this incredible board, which has a whole new electric motor capable of providing a total power “of 3 horsepower,” according to its creators. Lithium-ion batteries comparable to those seen in Tesla automobiles are found on board.

Enough to give this Onewheel GT a 50-kilometer range on a single charge. The scope of the Pint model, by comparison, fluctuated between 10 and 12 kilometers. In terms of the highest speed, this GT model can reach 32 km/h.

Future Motion has also updated the design of the Onewheel, adding a new concave coating for improved board feel, brighter lighting, a sturdier carrying handle, and an optional tread tire for those who wish to ride their Onewheel “off-road.”This new Onewheel GT model is already available for $2,200 on the brand’s website.

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