If you experience an automobile accident, the iPhone will detect it and prevent you from being rescued


Your iPhone and Apple Watch will soon be able to detect an automobile collision, according to the Wall Street Journal. The idea would be to have the terminals automatically call for help to provide the best possible service.

According to multiple sources, Apple is now developing a new function for its iPhones and smartwatches to detect traffic accidents and immediately summon emergency personnel. The feature would be enabled through numerous sensors included in the company’s products, which already have a comparable capability. Remember that Apple’s Apple Watch has had a fall detection technology for a few years. The latter can then request assistance while indicating its owner’s whereabouts.

Car with an iPhone

The company has been working on this new function for several months, depending on anonymous data acquired from millions of smartphones and watches in use. It’s also worth noting that a comparable feature is already accessible on Google devices and is even built into some autos. Despite this, many automobiles on the road lack connectivity features, and collision detection via an iPhone would allow more people to receive help more swiftly in the event of an accident. This new function will most likely be available on the iPhone and Apple Watch in 2022.