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Netflix Games are now available for iPhone users as well

Netflix Games for Android was released a week ago; currently, Netflix has made its five games accessible on the App Store, of course not without making certain concessions to Apple. This was the start of last week’s bombshell announcement: Netflix Games, which had been accessible in three countries since June, was now open to the rest of the globe, but only on Android tablets and smartphones. We heard everywhere that the rigorous standards of the Apple Store were to blame for leaving iPhone and iPad consumers hungry. Netflix, on the other hand, promised on Twitter that the iPhone app will be available shortly. It was also a weak term.

The five games mentioned by Netflix are already well and fully live on the App Store, as discovered by Mark Gurman on Tuesday, who guaranteed Sunday that it would take time. Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Teeter, Card Blast, and Shooting Hoops are also available for download on our iPhone. On Android, the same five games are accessible. However, there is still a degree of specificity. On Android, you may browse the game icons in the app, which need a download from the Google Play Store through a direct route; do not try to download them without being a Netflix member, but this is not the case on iOS.

The games are available individually in the Apple Store, just like any other game or Apple Arcade product. Furthermore, it was one of the roadblocks to the entrance of cloud gaming services applications, which had to create a plug for each game in order to comply with Apple’s strict access requirements. Each game has its own plug, which you can download for free. On the other hand, deeper study reveals that your game is automatically linked to your Netflix account, albeit this is not visible at first. If you wish to play the game but don’t have a Netflix subscription, you may do so through the App Store and therefore the Apple payment system. This indicates that Netflix has agreed to reimburse the 30% commission charge. Epic Games and Tim Sweeney, who had secured the authority to override, aren’t going to appreciate this game.

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