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Squid Game will return for a second season, with Gi-hun as the main character

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Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you; Squid Game will, of course, return for a second season. Patience, on the other hand, will be required. The successful show’s creator is currently working on additional episodes, including the main character Gi-hun.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator and director of Squid Game, confirmed what everyone thought in an interview with the Associated Press microphone: the successful Korean Netflix program will be renewed for a second season. However, because the project is still in its early phases, the outcome will most likely not be known until the end of 2022 or possibly 2023.

“There was so much pressure, demand, and affection for a second season that it felt to me that you didn’t offer us an option!” the guy adds.  It’s on my mind right now, and I’m in the planning stages. “However, I believe it is too early to speculate on when and how it may occur,” he said. So I’ll make a promise to you: Gi-hun will return, and he’ll accomplish something good for the world.” Admit it: the reappearance of Lee Jung-character Jae’s caught you off guard as well!

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