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The Cryptocurrency Market, And The Security Challenges

by James Musoba
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We cannot say that the cover of the 19 pandemics has left us entirely. It will not be an overstatement if we say that COVID-19 is responsible for the collapse of several financial systems, small businesses, and different other kinds of monetary transactions that used to take place in a pandemic-free world.

However, it is during this same time that the Cryptocurrency Market has made it mega. Right now, one out of every five friends at least are investing in this market.

Furthermore, three are talking about it. Needless to mention that while there are several upsides, the main downside of this market is the security concern. In this blog, we will discuss Cryptocurrency, its functions, and security concerns.

Cryptocurrency: The Nodal Points 

While we are going to talk about Cryptocurrency and its utility today, some are yet to wrap their heads around the definition of Cryptocurrency. If you happen to be one of the latter category people, you do not have to worry; we are here to help you.

Cryptocurrency helps people access the world, which is primarily known as Digital Economic Structure. With your entry into this market, you will be able to use your digital wallet and invest as per your choice. It is essentially decentralized. Thus, there is no baking hassle involved in this category of monetary transactions. To top it all, the investor does not need to confine themselves within the shackles of narrow nationalism, go borderless, and make transactions with their autonomy involved. It is always great to expand the horizon, and traverse the superimposed boundaries.

As per one section of the scholars who dominate the economic market, if one properly researches and invests in it, they will surely profit. We will get there, but before that, let us have a brief look at the upsides of Cryptocurrency.

The Positives of Cryptocurrency:

  • Cryptocurrency makes it possible for you not to have to go through the banking hassle.
  • The elimination of mediation essentially means that your money will be saved, even by a small margin.
  • It is an essential elimination, if we have to consider economic profits. If an individual can ensure that some money is saved, why not?
  • Cryptocurrency also helps you feel powerful by enjoying your autonomy in this field.
  • By being an investor in the crypto market, you can directly play a part in the world economy.
  • Cryptocurrency is more valuable today because it is entirely digital and requires no physical contact while making transactions. For further details, check this!
  • Since it permits the scope for properly practicing distancing, it also ensures that people’s health is fine.
  • With proper research, Cryptocurrency brings outstanding amounts of profits.
  • Cryptocurrency is not only multidisciplinary in approach, but also works as property!

The Downsides of Cryptocurrency:

  • Like we all are aware, Cryptocurrency does not indulge in mediation. As a result, several unauthorized accounts create troubles.
  • One of the central issues that the cryptocurrency market faces is the fraudulent cases that make headlines. Even though Blockchain Technology is constantly trying to better the security angle, several people have indeed been economically damaged going to the fraud cases.
  • Cryptocurrency believes in transcending borders; it often allows unworthy people to have access, thereby creating breaches.
  • These breaches often directly affect the rates, posing a substantial amount of threat for the fluctuation.
  • Since the media and other essential houses constantly highlight this negative side of Bitcoin, it often becomes quite difficult for people to trust this mode of economic transactions.
  • However, Blockchain Technology is working towards betterment every day and is constantly promising a greater degree of transparency in no time.


In this blog, we tried to give you a complete picture regarding the upsides and downsides of Cryptocurrency. We have highlighted the security issues, mainly because we believe you should have a thorough knowledge of how to navigate yourself in this field as new investors. We strongly recommend that you do a lot of research and make the most profit from your journey. We wish you all the very best!

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