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Apple has released a kit that allows users to fix their iPhones and Macs themselves

by Joseph Richard
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iPhone and Mac lovers should be aware that Apple will soon let you fix your devices yourself. Today, Apple has launched its self-service repair service, allowing users to purchase iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 spare components.

Apple’s ecosystem has long been a source of criticism. The business recently had to cope with a mini-scandal with the iPhone 13, which locked the screen and the Face ID facial recognition sensor, making repairs more difficult for independent repair shops. A few days following these discoveries, Apple unveils Self Service Fix, a new initiative that allows customers to purchase spare parts and repair some of the company’s devices themselves. It will be implemented in the United States early next year, followed by other nations, including Africa, in 2022.

This self-service repair service will first be limited to the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and variations. It will subsequently spread to Mac computers with the M1 processor by next year, and eventually to other Apple goods in the long run, including future smartphones and desktops. The battery, display, camera, and a set of tools will be available for purchase on the webshop initially. Other modules will be available in the future, although Apple hasn’t said which ones.

To encourage recycling, the firm will handle the return of faulty parts and provide consumers with a voucher upon receipt of the components. Apple will give users guidance specific to the items in question to perform the interventions securely. The program, however, is not for everyone as it is  intended for persons  with the appropriate skills and experience to repair electrical gadgets

In reality, if a successful repair does not void the warranty, poor handling will almost certainly be to the detriment of consumers. It will almost certainly result in higher charges for after-sales care.

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