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Despite Apple’s best efforts, App Store ratings are not always accurate

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Apple Podcasts’ App Store rating has risen from 1.8 to 4.6 in a brief period; hence this has caused up mixed reactions all over the web. One of the people who have come out  to give their stand about this is Kosta Eleftheriou(An app developer), who suggests that Apple is  now tampering with its app ratings on its App store via his tweet as seen below:

Apple Podcasts began inviting listeners to leave a review and a review after iOS version 15.1 last month. Since November 9, Apple Podcasts has received a slew of new reviews, the vast majority of which are five stars. When checking the comments section, it is clear that the replies are actually about the shows themselves rather than the application.

Indeed, many users describe how much they enjoyed the substance of this or that podcast rather than their experience with the Apple app due to a high number of bugs. The five-star rating is given to the show rather than the app. However, it is too early to start accusing the Cupertino firm of acting with malice as the verge also uses this opportunity to caution readers that many criminal hackers employ comment and review manipulation to deceive their victims into downloading a rogue program.

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