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The latest feature of Microsoft Edge can help you extend the life of your laptop’s battery.

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Microsoft has lately released a desktop version of Edge that includes an efficiency mode that “significantly” reduces CPU and memory usage, potentially extending battery life at the expense of raw performance. The latest Microsoft Edge update is a doozie. It includes a slew of new enhancements to its coupon-clipping and price comparison tools, as well as a brand new Efficiency mode that can intelligently extend your laptop’s battery life. When your battery is low, the feature should activate, but there’s also a settings toggle if you want to take control.

You should also find it easier to update your passwords, whether in response to a breach or simply for the sake of safety. With the addition of a “change” button in the passwords section of Edge’s settings, you can now easily update passwords for sites. The feature is currently limited to a few sites, but Microsoft has promised that it will be expanded to include more sites in the “coming months.”

Edge will also include a few shopping features that may assist you in making better decisions. An upcoming price alert will notify you if a must-have item has become more affordable, and price comparison and history tools will be available to Android users later in November. UK Bing users can also use Good On You’s rating system to purchase clothing based on social responsibility and sustainability scores.

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Battery-saving features aren’t anything new. Google, for example, made some improvements to Chrome’s longevity last year. Efficiency mode, on the other hand, may give Microsoft a way to stand out, and it may be necessary if you don’t want to switch browsers (or limit the sites you visit) just to keep using your system for a little while longer.

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