Windows 11 on ARM has x64 emulation, although, on Windows 10, it is disabled


Last year, Microsoft and Qualcomm entered into a partnership. Both firms announced a preview version of the x64 emulation for Windows 10 on ARM on the Windows Insider program.

It was a matter of improving the performance of x64-encoded applications to operate at their best on Windows 10 on ARM at the time. Since then, a great deal has changed.

Microsoft clarified things in a recent update to the original article on the Windows site, and, to put it bluntly, it does not go in the right direction for Windows 10 fans. According to a statement sent to Thurrott by the publisher, it has opted to save it for Windows 11.

As a result, Microsoft warns users that support for Windows 10 on an ARM will continue until 2025, but only for the x86 32-bit emulation. Microsoft has not justified this change, it is necessary to use Windows 11 on ARM for the x64 emulation layer.