Future Females Invest partners with ABSA to empower women founded businesses in Mauritius


 Future Females Invest (FFI) is proud to announce an exciting cooperation with ABSA Group to celebrate and empower women founded businesses in Mauritius to grow and scale post COVID and thrive in the new normal.

In Mauritius, female entrepreneurs have been steadily expanding, but they have also faced challenges. During these difficult times, we have seen, women are at the core of the fight against COVID-19 crisis and are leading important corporate innovations all the time. Having said that, Women across developing markets, do face a multitude of financial and non-financial challenges that prevent them from improving their livelihoods and scale their businesses.

Against this backdrop, the FFI Enterprise Studio supported by ABSA Group will run a campaign to find ten women founded businesses in Mauritius, using a blend of group workshops, action learning sets (group coaching), one-to-one coaching and specialist tailored support from industry experts.

This will enable the participating enterprises to strengthen their business in order to scale, solidify their offerings, expand and/or increase their social impact. The selected women will take part in a six months programme to enable them to meet their business goals, with specialist training and coaching provided by FFI, in addition FFI will work with ABSA to explore areas that they can support the entrepreneurs with.

Commenting on this exciting venture, Aysha Tegally, Co-Founder and CEO of FFI said, “FFI is excited to work with ABSA to enable Mauritian women who are running businesses to build their network, access training and build the skills they need to grow and scale their businesses. We know women are leading in bringing the change. This partnership will create real change by ensuring that women are empowered and inspired to build businesses in these sectors.”

The programme will enable women who have a business to build, recover, develop resilience and re-establish their businesses or livelihoods that were impacted by COVID and the ensuing economic downturn. 

 The programme will inspire and motivate the women through tools, training sessions from successful women entrepreneurs who have survived challenges in their businesses and advisory services and enable them to uncover the best practices needed to thrive through difficult situations and challenges. 

It will be delivered by experts to enable participants to develop their business by creating an individualised actionable milestone plan that will result in clear outcomes and deliverables.  Additionally, it will give female entrepreneurs to be part of a cohort of like-minded female entrepreneurs, providing one and other with vital peer support.

The new innovative cooperation leverages the respective strengths of ABSA and FFI, to create compelling value for both companies and women. Importantly, the cooperation strategically aligns both companies for the long-term by combining the strength of FFI’s Pan-African network of women along with their experience and expertise of working with and creating training programmes, campaigns and events to economically empower women.