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Nearly a quarter of all smartphones and tablets Globally run Android 11

by Joseph Richard
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Android 11 currently runs on a quarter of all Android devices and tablets Globally. At the moment, all eyes are set on the Android 12 – and Android 12L for tablets,

On the other side, it is imperative to remember that Android 11 has only been released for a little over a year. In that period, about a quarter of Android smartphones and tablets are using this version as per the data from Android Studio.

Android 11 is installed on 24.2 percent of the afflicted handsets. Android 10 maintains its lead with a 26.5 percent market share. These figures serve as a reminder that deploying the latest versions of Android has always been a difficult task

It’s worth noting that Android 10 (Q) and Android 11 (R) combine to make up more than half of the smartphone fleet. As a result, we do not believe that the rollout of Android 11 is absurd; we believe that efforts have been made to provide this update to a vast number of users as quickly as possible. However, it is far from ideal.

Google, other Android makers, and operators should step up their game, even more, to guarantee that the most recent official Android version becomes the most commonly used as rapidly as possible. Android 11 deployment is far from absurd, but there is still work to be done

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