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How do hackers mine cryptocurrencies using Google Cloud accounts?

by Joseph Richard
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According to a report recently presented by cybersecurity specialists from Google, they have reported that it only takes less than 22 seconds for hackers to break into cloud accounts to mine bitcoins. When the owner of a Google Drive account clicks on the erroneous link, hackers access the account.

Ransomware assaults are widespread, and they typically compel the affected subjected to pay a large sum of money to get their data back. Unfortunately, the cloud has shown to be a vulnerable technology in terms of security. According to Google, it takes only 22 seconds for a hacker to access a service and install mining software without the account owner’s awareness in the majority of situations.

The Fancy Bear operation would have allowed Russian government-affiliated hackers to access 12,000 accounts. Ironically, they send emails informing you that a government hacker is attempting to access your account information. Phishing strategies aren’t new but are gaining traction daily.

Every day, developers make cybersecurity blunders, and hackers scour the details for even the tiniest defect. For example, Google advises against storing sensitive information in a public GitHub directory. Two-step authentication is also recommended instead of the usual password, which is no longer sufficient to ensure account security. These incursions are frequently caused by human errors that may easily be prevented.

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