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Truecaller’s Latest Update Brings a Host of New Features.

Truecaller has updated its existing Android app with a slew of new features. The latest version 12 upgrade will display caller ID for video calls with a customized short video, a call recording feature, and dedicated call and SMS tabs. Truecaller’s update also includes new features for premium subscribers.

Truecaller’s most recent update includes the following new features:

Video Caller ID

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The Video Caller ID feature allows you to record a short video that will play automatically when you call friends and family. Users can use one of the pre-built video templates or create their own. All Truecaller Android users will be able to access it.

Improved User Interface

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Truecaller’s new interface includes separate tabs for calls and SMS. Users can easily access SMS, Truecaller Group Chats, and individual chats via separate tabs.

Call Recording

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Truecaller now allows users to record calls on any supported Android phone for free, which is ideal for those looking for smartphones that can record calls. “With Call Recording, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of whether the device manufacturer includes the feature or not.” Truecaller cannot access any recordings that are stored locally on the device storage. Truecaller or a file browser can be used to listen to or delete recordings,” says Truecaller.

Call recording can be started by tapping on the call recorder prompt that appears. It can also be easily shared via email, Bluetooth, or any messaging service.

Ghost Call

This is more of a joke than a useful tool. The Ghost Call feature allows you to make fake phone calls to your phone. As a result, “you can set any name, number, and photo to appear as if you are receiving a call from that person.” You can also select a contact from your phonebook if you prefer. “You can schedule the Ghost Call if you want to receive it later,” Truecaller says. Truecaller Premium and Gold subscribers will be able to use this prank feature.

Call Announce

The Call Announce feature, as the name implies, simply reads out the name and number of your caller from the caller ID. Only the Gold and Premium subscription plans have access to this feature.

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