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Samsung heavily influences Huawei to develop a foldable smartphone

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Huawei is expected to introduce a foldable smartphone with a design similar to Samsung’s Z Flip shortly. The manufacturer currently has many issues behind the scenes, for example, owing to long-standing limitations imposed by the United States.

Given the problems that keep on increasing, the Chinese tech guru still doesn’t want to surrender yet. This time around, the manufacturer intends to market its first foldable smartphone.

According to industrial sources at Zhaoli Technology, Huawei might be inspired by Samsung once again for its next smartphone, as it did with the Mate X2, which looked like the Galaxy Z Fold.

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This future Huawei clamshell smartphone might also include an unparalleled hinge that is simpler to build and less expensive, allowing the company to offer a reduced sales rate.

Source: gsmarena

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