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What’s new in Android 12L beta, compatibility, and installation

Image: Droid-Life
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2021 must have been nice for Google, from the launch of its premium flagship smartphone(The pixel 6 pro), its use of its custom-made chipsets, and its current latest operating system, the Android 12L. It is currently available as its first beta version

Google launched Android 12L on October 27, 2021, during the Android Dev Summit 2021. The significant difference between Android 12 and 12L is that this latest OS is optimized for larger displays, for example, Tablets, foldable smartphones, chrome OS, etc.

What does android 12L Promise?

Bug fixes, user experience enhancements, and the December 2021 security patch are all included in this initial beta version for users. This is where it gets much more fascinating for developers. Aside from these enhancements, most of the functionality provided by Google in earlier releases is still present. This includes:

  •  changes to the user interface for large displays
  •  improved multitasking
  • program resizing optimization.

Compatible devices

  • Google Pixel 3a
  •  Pixel 6 Pro
  • Android Studio on Mac, Windows, or GNU/Linux.

To Take advantage of Android 12, All you need to do is to join its beta program. Since this is the first beta version, don’t expect to be satisfied totally as you may encounter bugs, missing features, and performance issues.

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