How to Change Your Google Meet Background.

A great way to cover up your messy bedroom or home office with a more fun image.


Do you want to hide your surroundings or simply make the meeting more fun?

You can change your background before or during the meeting.

Google Meet has a library of backgrounds to choose from, but you can also upload your image or blur your camera image background.

Noteworthy: To use Change background and Effects on an Android device, you must have one of the following devices running Android P:

  • A Samsung Galaxy S9 and up
  • Pixel 3 and up
  • Other similar devices

How to Change the Background of a Google Meet Meeting Before Joining.

  • Open the Meet app and then choose a meeting.
  • Before you join, tap Effects at the bottom of your self view.
  • Tap Slightly blur to blur your background slightly.
  • Tap Blur background to completely blur your background.
  • Tap Add Add to add your background.
  • To use a pre-uploaded background, tap the desired background.
  • To choose a style, go to the bottom and select Styles > the style you want to use.
  • Tap Filters > the filter you want to use at the bottom to select it.
  • Tap No effects or tap to remove the effect.
  • When you’re finished, tap Done.
  • Tap the Join button.

After joining a meeting, how do you change the background on Google Meet?

  • Click More at the bottom.
  • Click Use visual effects.
  • Click Blur your background to completely blur your background.
  • Slightly blur your background by clicking the Slightly blur your background button.
  • Click a background to select a pre-uploaded background.
  • Click Upload a background image to add your image to your background. Include a photograph.
  • Click a style to add it to your video.

When you click on an effect, your camera automatically turns on. When you use effects and backgrounds, your device may slow down. You may want to disable this feature to allow other apps to run more quickly on your computer.