OPPO unveils the Air Glass, its latest augmented reality glasses

Monocular AR glasses


Oppo has unveiled the Air Glass powered by Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor in its completed form. The unveiling took place at the manufacturer youtube’s channel

The requirements from OPPO were precise; thus, the Air Glasses feature a simple style and a monocular frame, and they only weigh 30 grams.

The OPPO design team also inspired animal characteristics while creating this model; for example, the bird feathers inspired the touch bar, and the cicadas’ wings inspired the lens’s unusual form.

A micro-projector dubbed Spark is used in the Air Glass display system, covered by a CNC-machined metal casing. This system is driven by a three-million-nit Micro-LED and supported by an optical diffraction waveguide with two grayscale modes, 16 or 256 bits, and brightness up to 1,400 nits.

The Air Glass comes in two frames, one with silver designs but no optics and the other complete with corrective spectacles and tailored for persons with visual problems, including myopia.

In the video: Oppo Air Glass

Air Glass Compatibility

It will function with any smartphone running Colors OS 11. Users utilizing the OPPO Watch 2 will use the  Touch, voice, and gesture commands to engage with the glasses. In the first quarter of 2022, Oppo Air Glass will be accessible in China. It is yet to be Known whether the Air Glass will make its way in Africa.