Announcements Bar Test in Google Search Console.

Google search console testing announcement bar


Google is testing a new announcement bar or tab at the top of Google Search Console. The bar does not appear to be operational yet, but it has three levels of announcements based on the importance of the information.

Google Search Console displays three kinds of announcement bars:

  • Announcement of information
  • Announcement of a minor problem
  • Important announcement

This is how it appears. Here’s a screenshot of what it currently looks like, though clicking on them does nothing right now:

click for full size

Why do we care? It appears that Google will be able to use this to directly communicate issues with Google Search to site owners. Again, this is not fully operational at the moment, but I believe it will be soon.

Postscript. “If anyone else is seeing this in Search Console, this is a test on our side of the notification functionality that shouldn’t have been visible externally — sorry for the confusion,” Google’s John Mueller said.

The following is John’s tweet:

john announcement