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An Improved 16-26.5 Ghz Device Joins SAF Tehnika’s Spectrum Compact Family of Low-Cost Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

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The new 16-26.5 GHz Spectrum Compact is a great way to maximize the return of your investments in the new year while also making the field engineers’ lives easier.

What Is a Spectrum Analyzer?

The Spectrum Compact series of cheap handheld microwave spectrum analyzers from SAF Tehnika has been upgraded, bringing the product line’s devices to the full overlap of frequency ranges. The new model that supports 16-26.5 GHz range provides best-in-class price/performance with improved features, high durability, and an affordable price. Investing in it right now will offer the field engineers and technicians a competitive edge for the new planning period of year 2022.

Using a Spectrum Analyzer – New Features in the V2?

The new Spectrum Compact finishes the line of Spectrum Compact V2 replacing Spectrum Compact V1 17-24 GHz tool. The 16-26.5 GHz spectrum analyzer has a ten times better frequency resolution sharpened up to 0.1 MHz, twice as fast sweep time at minimal span, a switchable RBW, and more important improvements. All this power is packed into a sturdy, ultra-compact package that measures 135 x 83 x 34 (mm)/ 5.31 x 3.27 x 1.34 (inches) and weighs only 0.57 kg/20.11 oz. It’s a must-have for mobile carriers, telecommunications experts, Internet service providers (ISPs), and contractors in charge of regulatory and compliance, drone applications, and satellite operations.

Every aspect of the Spectrum Compact family addresses the challenges of field applications even better. The new application programming interface has been expanded with continuous measurement commands, allowing to seamlessly integrate Spectrum Compact microwave analyzer into the systems which need to perform measurements over long periods of time. Moreover, our engineers have added the built-in attenuator and the option to record time plots to the new version of the Spectrum Compact.

Like all Spectrum Compact models, the 16-26.5 GHz handheld spectrum analyzer has a resistive touchscreen for operation with gloves, as well as high contrast and full display modes for easy readability in bright light environments. The Spectrum Compact can survive severe situations because of the waveguide adapter connections’ durable thumbscrews. Spectrum traces can be saved in the integrated 8 GB memory by the Spectrum Manager free spectrum analyzer software for offline analysis, investigation, and reporting.

What Is a Spectrum Analyzer Used For?

Spectrum Compact devices are ideal for mobile operators, carriers, and tower installation crews deploying 5G networks, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), local government institutions, public safety departments, and critical network infrastructure owners. Site surveys, radio parameter verification, antenna alignment, interference detection, line-of-sight verification, signal intensity mapping, and interference hunting may all be done with the ultra-portable handheld microwave spectrum analyzers.

For testing this out, SAF Tehnika have created a free virtual demo of Spectrum Compact.

About SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika JSC is a designer and manufacturer of RF data transmission equipment with a global presence in over 130 countries. SAF produces and manufactures high-quality microwave radios, a range of the world’s smallest microwave spectrum analyzers, and wireless environmental monitoring products under the Aranet brand. The NASDAQ Riga stock market is where the company’s shares are traded (SAF1R). Its headquarters and manufacturing are in Riga, Latvia.

SAF North America oversees the company’s operations in North America. In Denver, CO, there is an office, a sales and support team, and a warehouse.

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