Konshens Shared Statistics From His YouTube Channel That Confirms His Biggest Fans Are From Nairobi


Konshens shared statistics from his YouTube channel that confirms his biggest fans are from Nairobi.

You might not remember the last time you listened to Konshens but other Kenyans certainly are. Konshens has become a frequent visitor as he keeps gracing us with his performances and it all makes sense since he shared this music was played with a total of 4.63 million views from Nairobi.

New York was the second city with huge Konshens fans at 2.05 million views, followed by London (1.4 million), Jamaica’s capital Kingston (1.32 million), California’s San JosĂ© (1.02 million), Paris (845,000), Panama City (779,000), Managua (666,000), Canada’s Toronto (581,000) and Georgetown in the Cayman Islands with 510,000 views.

Konshens recent visit to Kenya.

The Jamaican artiste recently performed in Kenya and while he was here he had an interview with journalist and talent manager G Money on Saturday where he shared the secret to his success. Konshens was humble enough to acknowledge the fact that he would not be prosperous without his loyal fanbase.

When asked about the challenges he faced when he started his career he shared that the fact that he was not signed to any label meant that he did not enjoy the privilege of having a company promote his music.

So why does Konshens give Kenyan artists so much airtime?

Konshens confirmed that he likes to give upcoming artists the chance to perform and give them the rare chance that he never got.

He said:

“I really didn’t want to comment about this because these guys [Kenyan artistes] are crazy,”

Konshens said in jest, adding:

“For me bro, as a music fan, I know what I would like to see happen. For example, if someone like Drake was coming to Jamaica, I’d like to see him going like ‘What’s hot in Jamaica?’ and the next day you see this song by a big musician in the world and a youth coming up in Jamaica. And I don’t do this only in Kenya.”

There’s no denying that social media has managed to expose most users to a different type of music which means that social media, in general, has become a useful and powerful marketing tool for all musicians.