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2022 Online Casino Game Trends You Should Know

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Every year, the gambling industry evolves to catch up with universal technological trends. 2022 has been a monumental year for online gambling. The sector of limitless possibilities and lucrative cash is set to incline due to cash infusion rapidly. But the estimated large market cap is not what steals the show. Not even close.

Online casino trends in 2022 are geared towards accelerating the gaming experience for the user. Sophisticated technology promotes end-to-end user interaction, instant payouts, and even AI gaming. There are many trends in the industry. At Oddsshark casino games, we take a look at the trends you should know since you will interact with them in the short and long term amongst many, if not all online casinos. Notably, technology-based trends take the spotlight as they shape the entire gambling industry.

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Cryptocurrency in Gaming

The significant merit of crypto is anonymity. Different virtual wallets offer untraceable transactions, but the covertness is subject to discussion. Many users prefer paying in crypto, particularly in countries with high taxes on gambling payouts.

Cryptocurrency payments are easily processable, especially for high rollers who win a lot of quid. Banks aren’t gambler friendly and have stringent processes your money must go through to land into your bank account. With crypto, you can quickly receive the virtual currency and convert it to cash when you need it. Cryptocurrency is a darling for many online gamblers in restrictive jurisdictions, and Blockchain-based casinos will see an uptick in profit through the year.

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The Vegas Experience

Online gamblers had to resort to online casinos since many land-based casinos were closed during the pandemic. The hollering, wagering, poker faces, and skilled card counters were missing from the online casinos. The whole gamut is what endears gamblers to Vegas in the first place. However, 2022 brings Vegas to you.

We may have to rethink what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as online gambling platforms incorporate virtual reality. The Vegas atmosphere is available to you through VR glasses and an interactive screen with VR. You can even create your own immersive experience using augmented reality (AR).

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Like in crypto, there is also a Metaverse for online gamblers at online casinos. In the Casino Verse, you can share Fibonacci strategies and which hand you are dealing to beat other live players. The plan is devious, but you will win money.

Safer Gambling Policies

The use of machine learning in various industries is not a new concept. However, for online gamblers, it is uncharted territory. Gambling platforms reported a lot of financial losses in 2021. The main culprits for the losses were money laundering and fraud.

Tighter regulations like know your customer (KYC) verifications are the industry staple. AI detects fraud, laundering, and underage gamblers and reports it to the developers who ban or employ other punitive measures to weed out unfair gambling.

All online gamblers need to be policy compliant with the minimum security policies. However, technology-savvy platforms have already surpassed expectations with in-house regulations and policies that offer online gamblers a more rewarding experience.

ESports Going Mainstream

Online casinos have recognized the underutilized revenue stream of eSports wagering. ESports are similar to actual games in every aspect, only virtual. Twitch streamers are the forerunners of mainstream eSports, but online casinos are the home of egaming. Streamers commonly display football and basketball as the standard egames. However, role-playing games, action games, and other physical game derivatives are available on online casinos.

Virtual sports determine the outcome in a short period, and therefore you may win or lose quickly and proceed to wager on the next game. With increasing popularity in eSports, many online casinos will integrate the games. ESports will add a new customer base for online gamblers.

Better display

Online casinos have to match their platform displays with new and improved screen resolutions. Better touch interfaces and integrative dashboards determine whether a gambler will play on the site or seek a better website with enhanced visuals.

Online casino websites also aim to implement real-time displays of various games instead of animated caricatures. You will see real-looking players and almost the same roulette tables you would see in Vegas casinos.

Immersive visuals and easy-to-use touch screen displays will add a competitive edge to the gambling platform that leverages better visuals. It will be interesting to see how creative UI/UX designers improve the visual experience for online gamblers.

Custom Games

The modern-day gambler does not want limits to conventional gaming. Custom games are customizable with a preset framework to tailor them as the one casinos collect data on your gaming styles and behaviors. Online casinos are tapping into custom games to drive value through company verticals and provide a gambler with endless money-winning options.


Technology will be the principal determiner of online casino trends in 2022. Some trends directly impact the gambler, while others safeguard every stakeholder. The year has only begun, and online casinos will innovate as they introduce new technologies. We’ll keep you updated.

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