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Most Important Reasons For Buying American Made N95 Masks

Despite the masking mandates and many other preventive measures, the omicron variant has still managed to mutate into a sub-variant raising more concerns about its severity and possible consequences. The omicron variant, which was designated as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization, now accounts for half of the infections in the world which is the reason why health experts are strictly recommending people to upgrade their cloth masks and even surgical masks to the highest quality American made N95 masks. These masks have the best fitting and filter to provide optimal protection against COVID-19 and all the variants which is why States are pushing for mask mandates to slow the spread of COVID-19. Many health workers had to struggle to find the best masks during the initial phase, there were American mask manufacturing companies that took action to overcome the critical shortage. Medical Supply All has further facilitated the customers by providing them with all reputed brands under a reliable platform to opt for the best masks and stay safe. Here are some reasons that’ll encourage people for wearing the best quality masks to minimize further mutations of the omicron variant.

Filter Performance 

It is believed that the cloth masks were only initially an acceptable option to cover the face with a layer rather than getting exposed to the virus. But, now that we have more N95 respirator mask options readily available, there is no reason to avoid buying them in the light of omicron. Cloth masks can only filter large droplets as they are not specifically designed to block infectious particles through a filter. The only reason why people prefer cloth masks over N95 masks is that they are washable and breathable. Although it does not account for wearing masks of low standard when we’re already surrounded by omicron and its sub-variants. American made N95 masks, on the contrary, are on top of the list of best masks for protection against coronavirus with efficient filter performance and best fitting.

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Fitting And Comfort

Wearing a properly fitted mask is just as important as getting vaccinated against coronavirus. Despite the fact that people haven’t still gotten used to wearing masks and desperately want their coronavirus-free routines, it is strictly advised to continue taking all preventive measures to slow down the virus spread. Getting vaccinated is certainly not the only way to stop the new variants from attacking your immune system as was assumed initially. And it is high time to realize the significance of wearing masks to protect you from getting exposed to viral particles. While face masks are an essential need for everyone in the current situation we’re all stuck in, the significance increases even more for aged people having a weak immune system. Coronavirus is not something we can avoid completely but it can surely be managed and controlled to minimize the consequences. American made N95 masks have dual head straps for comfortable wear, unlike the masks with ear loops which might be irritable for many people. American mask manufacturers have designed N95 masks considering all concerns of the nation which is a truly remarkable effort. It is our responsibility to play a part and help health experts fulfill their mission.

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