How to Resolve Google Play Store Error 403


Google play store error 403 is one of the most common issues that users encounter regularly. Error 403 occurs when you attempt to download apps from the Google Play store and the download fails. However, there are several methods for resolving Google Play store error 403.

Methods for Resolving Google Play Store Error 403

The primary cause of the error 403 is the proxy settings, which must be disabled. To do so, navigate to settings > wireless and network > mobile network > APN (Access point name), and then select the clear proxy option to ensure that the proxy setting is turned off. Try downloading the app again, and there should be no such error this time.

  • Method 2 In some cases, this problem is caused by a poor Internet connection. 

There is a way to improve the internet connection to resolve Google Play Store error 403.

Turn on your phone’s Airplane mode and wait until you see a picture of a plane. Turn it off now. Wait for a signal and Internet connection in your phone before attempting to download again to see if it works.

  • 3rd method

If neither of the first two methods works for you, then try the third. This procedure necessitates the deletion of the search history from the Google Play store. To begin, open the Google Play store and then navigate to settings by pressing the menu button. Select the option to clear search history. This will remove all of your Google Play search histories.

  • 4th method

An alternate Google account that is linked to the Gmail account can sometimes be the source of the problem. So, create a new Gmail account and then go to the Google Play Store > press the menu button > Accounts > select the alternative Gmail account (new one) and try to download the app again.

Hope this article helps you to resolve such an error.