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 Nigeria’s eMedicStore launches an online platform for Pharmaceutical Care Service Delivery

  eMedicStore has launched an online platform for pharmacy stores,  which aims to aid safe distribution and delivery of quality and affordable pharmaceutical care to Nigerians, irrespective of their geographical location.

The platform which addresses both the B2B and B2C seeks to remove the physical restrictions and barriers that prevent an average Nigerian from accessing quality medication and pharmaceutical care services

According to the eMedicStore CEO, Aminu Lateef Temitayo, the idea that birthed eMedicStore “came out of the lacuna he identified in the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Health Sector; a situation of a highly fragmented and unevenly distributed market, leading to very low and lopsided accessibility to medications from one location to another even the most basic ones. Consumers have limited options and access to pharmaceutical products because they do not know where it is available even though it is available at a Pharmacy Store somewhere, someplace.”

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 eMedicStore links the farthest and most remote places in the country, creating a network that extends across drug manufacturers, drug importers, wholesale pharmacies, and community pharmacies. Through this network, it will offer quality medications to everyone in our society.

Lateef further stated that:“Our objective is to play the role of market consolidator bringing all market players into one platform offering best patient-centered pharmacy care to the end-user eMedicStore is a platform where various pharmaceutical suppliers can list products for sale online. Customers have access to a wide range of products regardless of location. This, in my option, solves the problem, and everybody wins.”

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“This way, customers would always get access to the medication they need as at when they need it regardless of where it is located because our database combines stock availability and data of medications across the nation; customers do not have to use days calling, searching and moving from one pharmacy to the other to get the medication that they need.”

The platform enables users to easily place orders on the website, picking from the most competitive pricing offered by partners, and having the drugs delivered in the shortest time possible through its established networks. eMedicStore also creates an avenue for users to order special prescription medication and personal consultancy services to access these services right from the comfort of their homes.

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Wholesale and retail pharmacies also have the opportunity to place bulk orders and access varieties of medications directly from the platform and have them delivered to their locations wherever they might be in the country.

Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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