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Is the iPhone Fold already behind schedule? We’ll have to wait for a long time.

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Are you one of those who can’t wait for the “iPhone Fold” to arrive? We’ll have to wait again. According to the newest speculations, the launch would take place in 2025 at the earliest.

There was a point when the foldable iPhone was predicted to be released in 2023, particularly by Display Supply Chain Consultants (with Ross Young at its head). Today, the company is modifying its projections, and the “next generation” iPhone isn’t scheduled to hit our shores until 2025.

“Apple does not seem to be in a rush to join the foldable smartphone market,” according to DSCC, “and it may possibly come beyond 2025.”

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Apple, on the other hand, would keep an eye on a different sort of foldable screen with a 20-inch diagonal. This screen would enable it to launch a new product category in the MacBook lineup, with a laptop that folds into a full-size keyboard and unfolds into an XXL screen.

It remains to be seen if DSCC’s forecasts will prove to be correct, as they have in the past. Possibly if the foldable iPhone isn’t anticipated until 2025, the “new” MacBook won’t arrive until 2026 or even 2027. You could have fallen for a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip by then…

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