Home Tech WhatsApp users to change the app’s language manually.

WhatsApp users to change the app’s language manually.

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, with over two billion monthly users

 It’s available in several languages – over 60, as befitting such a popular piece of software. Currently, the language used by the app is determined by your phone, but a recent change may give users more control.

According to WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp beta shows evidence of development on a language picker that allows you to manually change the system default. When you enable the option, it will show you all of the languages in which the app is currently available.

Some markets, such as India, already have a comparable function, but this appears to be a worldwide setting that should soon be available to everyone. It appears just as we’re contemplating one of Android 13’s most anticipated features: per-app language options. The next version of Android will provide users with considerably more granular flexibility, allowing them to change languages app by app. It’s life as of DP2, and while it still needs some improvement, it’s a worldwide take on the same notion that WhatsApp is pursuing.

Whatever your motives are, if you want to change the language of WhatsApp, you’ll have to keep on using the system-level setting for the time being — this upcoming feature is not yet live for users, not even in the beta version. Who knows, maybe the global setting in Android 13 will arrive before this.

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