Andela Enters Recruitment With New Jobs Marketplace


Andela, which helps firms to build remote engineering teams by giving them access to trained software engineers globally, has launched a new recruitment platform to allow hiring managers instantly hire engineers, designers, product managers, and data specialists globally.

Recruiters simply create a company profile, post a job, and see their curated candidates instantly in a move aimed at helping recruiters save time, energy and resources through its smart hiring lifecycle.

According to Jeremy Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Andela, “Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have changed every aspect of our lives — from how we shop to how we consume culture and everything in between. As a result, personalization has become a basic expectation. This is why we’ve built our new platform — to help talent find jobs that match more than just their technical skills. Instead, we help them find careers that match their lives. This works well for recruiters, too. Instead of wasting time sifting through resumes and screening calls, our platform identifies talent that fits their exact needs, helping companies find top talent in less than two weeks, and often in just two to three days.”

Andela’s client list include companies like GitHub, Goldman Sachs, and Cloudflare but today, in a move to increase its revenue streams, the company is expanding its offering to include talent matching in design, data, and product management. The firm is also revealing a new visual brand identity to reflect this pivot and help its clients choose between the existing white-glove hands-on supported approach or the new self-service platform with instant recommendations.

Agnes Muthoni, Director, Andela Learning Community at Andela said  “Our data-driven approach to connecting talent with global opportunities now offers personalised and bespoke experiences for recruiters and candidates alike. Talent can now choose offerings that better suit their skills and lifestyle, while recruiters can quickly identify and hire candidates with the right skills and experience for their organization in as little as 48 hours, helping them increase efficiency and productivity”.