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What Is A Bankroll In Betting In India And How To Manage It

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Money management is one of the components of the success of professional bettors. Knowing bankroll management tactics while betting in India allows users to reduce risks and win back their money after failures.

What Is A Bankroll

A bankroll is a sum a bettor has allocated for betting in India. This is the amount that the bettor has responsibly and thoughtfully decided to invest in such an activity.

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Betting is risky, and bankroll must be created from the money, losing which won’t be critical for the player. So, it’s necessary to protect users from losing money they cannot afford to lose. It’s also unacceptable to form a bank from the last of the bettor’s money because there is always a risk of bankruptcy.

The Optimal Size Of A Bankroll

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The exact size of the bankroll for betting in India is determined individually. First, understand that the potential loss of the bankroll isn’t critical for you and doesn’t interfere with other areas of your life. Secondly, a winning of 5-10% of the total amount should bring satisfaction. It’s possible to deposit $100, but winning $5-10 makes only beginners happy.

The growth of bankroll is necessary to increase winnings in the future. The situation when bettors keep a part of their winnings in the bank is like the reinvestment process when investors redistribute a share of profits from the sale of shares in other securities in the hope of getting even more profits in the future.

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Pros Of Bankroll Management

The primary advantage of bankroll management is minimizing risk. If bettors bet chaotically and take amounts for betting in India at random, even with a 60% pass rate, they can remain in serious deficit. With financial strategies and a responsible approach, such a situation is impossible.

How To Calculate The Bet To Play With A Bankroll

There are popular strategies for determining the size of the bet. Depending on how aggressively the bettor is going to bet, one of the three most common tactics can be selected.


This is a conservative scheme for determining the bet size. It implies betting on fixed amounts determined in advance by the player. You can specify the size of the bet either in specific numbers or as a percentage of the bankroll. The second option is preferable because with the growth of the bankroll, the bet amount will increase, and with it, the potential profit will get higher.

Some professional bettors suggest using a dynamic flat and determining in advance the betting amounts for low and high odds. For example, a user wants to make a profit of 3% of the bank from one bet. When playing at odds 2.00, he should bet 3%, and at odds 3.00 the bet size will already be 1%.


This principle will suit experienced bettors who not only have a good understanding of sports betting in India but also know the principles of odds formation and can find overpriced quotations, where the bookmaker underestimates the probability of a sporting event.

To apply this tactic, use the formula before each bet: ((K*W-1)/(K-1))*B, where:

  • K – the quotation offered by the bookmaker;
  • W – the probability of occurrence of an event according to the player’s opinion;
  • B – the size of the player’s bank.


To start, the bettor should divide the game bank into several equal parts. It is desirable to divide it into 20 components because with a smaller number, you can quickly lose all the money.

According to this strategy, one part is one bet. If you lose, the bet amount remains unchanged if you win, it doubles. Betting should be at odds of 1.80 so that 2-3 successful bets offset the losses.

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