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Mindful Trader Review – Put Eric in Your Pocket!

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Stock trading can be highly volatile. Stock prices are typically subject to geopolitical upheaval, worldwide events, industry activities and world news.

The past two years and the chaos around the pandemic illustrate how volatile trading in stocks can be. Company fortunes can be made and lost within minutes.

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Typically, if you are invested in stocks, you need to keep an eagle eye on your portfolio to make sure that you react fast to ever-changing developments.

Day trading has the same issues and requires strict and intense focus.

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Many old and new investors do not have the time to consistently screen-watch to stay ahead of the game. Swing trading offers a much less hectic and less intense investment opportunity.

Swing trading is a trading technique of buying and selling stocks when indicators point to an upward (positive) or downward (negative) trend in the future. It is for short term positioning, ranging from overnight to a few weeks.

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Mindful Trader, the brainchild of Eric Ferguson, a Stanford economics graduate who achieved a perfect score on the math section of the SAT test, offers a swing trading advisory service.

Eric spent more than 20 years developing what he calls a back-tested statistical system to remove emotion from swing trading and base decisions on historical evidence and data, and mathematical probability.

Let’s indulge ourselves in a mini-review of Mindful Trader to see whether it would suit your investment criteria.

Does Mindful Trader Have any Established Credibility in The Market?

As you can see from Eric’s talent for numbers, he had an excellent grounding for data and statistical analysis, which formed the basis for his back-tested theories.

I guess you could say that the proof is in the pudding. The Mindful Trader website is transparent about the returns obtained.

Returns between 2016 and 2020 have been as follows:

  •  2016: +206%
  • 2017: +313%
  • 2018: +32%
  • 2019: +320%
  • 2020: +85%

This translates into a median of 191% – pretty impressive, right?

Mindful Trader was established in 2020. This could give the impression of a new, untested service. The truth is that Eric spent the past 20 years developing and tweaking his system to produce excellent returns.

So, although the company is relatively new, it is backed by 20 years of historical data and analysis.

In short, both the creator and the returns have established credibility in the swing trader market.

Has Mindful Trader Been Comprehensively Reviewed Before?

Absolutely, Modest Money’s Bob Haegele reviewed it very positively in May of 2021, stating:

“Those who are looking for a no-nonsense swing trading service that can help them easily beat the market will love Mindful Trader.”

Jeremy Biberdorf also reviewed Mindful Trader and concluded as follows:

“Mindful Trader is undoubtedly a high-quality service. Eric, who runs Mindful Trader, has really done his homework and now wants to share his expertise with you…. [a]nyone who prefers swing trading should benefit from this service. If that sounds like you and the monthly cost is within your budget, Mindful Trader is worth considering.”

In another article published under, from a different perspective entitled Mindful Trader Review – a Quiet In the Storm, Biberdof      concludes:

“Swing trading offers the quick thrills of day trading without the absolute commitment. By emphasizing a “buy-and-hold” strategy that typically sees you sitting on a stock for a week or more, you won’t need to be glued to your computer to reap benefits.
Perfect for those with a relatively busy schedule, this is a low-maintenance approach to stock trading that is still exciting and, perhaps more importantly, profitable.”

Why not jump on the Mindful Trading bandwagon and put Eric in your pocket? Gives new meaning to the phrase “pocket guide”!

What do You Get When You Subscribe To Mindful Trader?

Mindful Trader provides you with stock trade alerts.

The alerts service provides specific information about what, when and how to invest in a particular stock.

These alerts are based on Eric’s personal trades, so he is not advising you to trade in one way and then he trades in another way. These are his trades. I guess it’s equivalent to putting your money where your mouth is!

From his alerts, you are given relevant information on:

  • the price he paid
  • any stop-loss put in place
  • the target selling price
  • the ticker and
  • the time limit on the trade.

You can also access excellent trading educational videos. Eric strives to teach you the hows and whys of what he is doing. This enables you to eventually choose your own picks based on your own knowledge and application of his mathematical and analytical approach.

What Does Mindful Trader Cost?

There is currently one pricing model, which is $47 per month.

Although this is not cheap, it is much cheaper than other day trading subscriptions. One must bear in mind that Eric took 20 years to build his system and more than $200 000 of his own hard-earned cash to create the software service.

Is Mindful Trader Right For You?

Mindful Trader is best for:

  • Investors who prefer a data-driven strategy
  • Investors who want a more hands-off approach (than that needed for day trading) with guidance provided by an expert

To Conclude

If you are keen on Swing Trading, then Mindful Trader is what you need to get started. Simply follow Eric’s data driven stock picks based on his 20 years of collated data and his back-tested statistical system.

His average returns speak for themselves.

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