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How to self-update your Telkom Registration details online.

The Communications Authority of Kenya is set to disconnect all the SIM cards that were registered without the provision of ID photos by April 15.

This is an attempt to combat cybercrime and fraud.

Telkom customers can complete the process online and promptly. All you’ll need is your ID, a camera capable of taking clear images of it, and, of course, your SIM card.

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How to register your Telkom number online to ensure your safety on April 15th.

  • To register, go to this portal.
  • Fill in your Telkom Kenya phone number.
  • Fill in your ID number.
  • Please upload the front side of your national identification card.
  • Enter the information from the back of your national identification card.
  • That’s all there is to it.

The site should alert you that the records were successfully captured once you hit SUBMIT.

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