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How Movie Genre Affects Human Psychology

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We all have personal choices and opinions on everything. In some cases, it contrasts with the people we are surrounded with, or in some scenarios, our loved ones agree with an option or choices we have.

The contrast does not make our loved ones any less favorite to us.

When it comes to movie genres, you might like romantic ones; on the other hand, your best friend or sister can be more into thrillers.

Both of you have different personalities and also might develop different characteristics as your choices of movie genre is different.

The main purpose of telling all this is that different movie genres leave different effects on you. This article is all about that.

A Direct Reflection
Suppose you like romance and dramas when you are picking up a movie from the huge list of the pirate bay, and you prefer to download romantic movies for free from this popular torrent site.

You might be intact with your feelings and also love to experience the power behind them. So, we can say that it is certainly a direct reflection of your inner self.
Now, the question is, “does it also leave an impact on your health?”
The type of movies you watch has the capability of directly affecting you. Here are some of the major examples.

They Can Improve Your Health
When you are watching a sad movie, it can really close off the access of your brain to anxiety. After you are done watching a sad film, typically, you will come out of it feeling very happy about what you have, especially when you will think about all the loved ones you have.

A study has actually proved it. As per the study, people, after watching a sad movie become happier in their lives than they were before.

Watching comedy movies also can improve your overall health. Laughing significantly hard for only 15 minutes during a funny movie can have the same effect on your cardiovascular system as exercising.

There, you get another excuse for ditching the treadmill instead of watching a funny movie.

They Can Hurt Your Health
Just the way a funny movie can improve your health, a scary or thrilling one can hinder your health. When you watch an intense show or movie, the heart rate increases along with the blood pressure.

When you are watching a horror movie thinking that it is completely okay with your health and age, we would like to tell you that horror movies can actually affect you in some ways that you have never considered.

When you are scared, the feeling boosts your adrenaline, and eventually, it might trigger repressed traumatic memories. It happens because our body is mimicking the same that you have already felt during those unfortunate events.

Thus, in case you have a majorly troubling past and do not want to relive it, it will be best to avoid some movies like The Shining and The Exorcist.

They Can Make You More Aggressive Or Creative
At the same time, movies of some particular genre can make you more creative.

A study was conducted with young students. It has been seen that among them who have watched Harry Potter have scored more in creative thinking than those who have watched something else.

So, we can say that shows or movies which include magic or any other imaginative features might improve your levels of creativity.

On the other hand, your choices of movie genres can also make you a more aggressive person. Movies that consist of too much violence can come with violent attitudes and behaviors.

To Conclude
From the above discussion, we can say that just the ways reading books from a particular genre can help you get the personality you desire, watching movies from different genres also leave an impact on you.

This is why different movies come with different grades, like under 12, adult, or U/A.

In case you have any further doubt or queries, feel free to reach us. We will try to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

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