Netflix adds a double thumbs-up rating feature for better recommendations


Netflix has ditched the binary rating feature for a double thumbs-up rating feature after 5 years of using the simple thumps and thumps down icons. The entertainment giant says this is a way of providing an additional way for users to express their feelings.

These improvements will also see you be linked with recommendations that better reflect what you enjoy as this is Netflix’s way to fin-tune your preferences. To bring out our true feelings for each of every show that we watch, the double thump up button will be an additional way to let them know what types of series and films we want to see more of and thumbs down for what we no longer enjoy.

Netflix Fans across the world have in the past expressed their views of the binary way of voting that didn’t really bring out their taste justice. Basically, the old rating while it gives users a clearer insight into the show, it doesn’t really bring out the best score and users at times could see entirely different ratings for the same program, something Netflix want to fix by bringing a seamless experience.

Starting today you will find this option next to the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on your smart TV, Web, Android and iOS mobile devices.

Why Netflix ditched star ratings for 'thumbs up or down'

When you put out a thumps up feature on a film as your feedback, this means Netflix will in the future recommend similar content while two thumps up feature for feedback will mean you are a true fan.

The thumbs down feature on the other hand indicates a dislike for a show or film which results in Netflix not recommending similar content in the future.

Netflix says, “Double Thumbs Up is a way to fine-tune your recommendations to see even more series or films influenced by what you love. A Thumbs Up still lets us know what you liked, so we use this response to make similar recommendations. But a Double Thumbs Up tells us what you loved and helps us get even more specific with your recommendations. For example, if you loved Bridgerton, you might see even more shows or films starring the cast, or from Shondaland. “

Netflix kicked off its feature upgrade about a year and a half ago, basically in 2020 during the lockdown days. Which was based on feedback from its subscribers who thought the like and dislike option only wasn’t enough for them to express their love.

Christine Doig Cardet, Netflix’s director of Product Innovation says ” We were hearing from members that like and like buttons were not sufficient. There are some shows that they really enjoyed and differentiating between what they love and what they like was important”

She added, “Our current Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons are a good way for you to tell us how you feel about a series or film, and in return, you get a profile that’s better personalized to your taste. However, we’ve learned over time that these feelings can go beyond a simple like or dislike.  Providing an additional way to tell us when you’re really into something means a profile with recommendations that better reflect what you enjoy”

To bring this idea to life, the company has had a series of design sprints to come up with visuals that included the heart, applause icon, shooting stars and others that connote love. The two thumbs up was a great choice as it also seemed to blend well with the company’s existing iconography. The set is simple, cleaner, and should definitely translate to a better experience.

Netflix wanted a more distinctive idea and not a love connotation, an already obvious icon that other sites like Instagram and Snapchat have used over time and it wouldn’t be a fresh idea.

Commenting on the innovation, Netflix director of Product Design Ratna Desai said, “We wanted it to be very precise, very concise because we wanted this to be a very quick interaction.”