Thursday, June 30, 2022
Thursday, June 30, 2022
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What is Spotify Live, the new service that has taken the place of Greenroom on Spotify?

by Joseph Richard
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Spotify Live, a comprehensive rebranding of Greenroom that intends to revitalize the firm in the live audio application market dominated by Clubhouse, was introduced yesterday by the Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

Spotify Live will be available as a separate app for users, but it will also be available alongside a selection of programs on the Spotify app initially.

Last year, Spotify was launched in Kenya, enabling Many Kenyas to benefit from more than 345 million Monthly music and Podcasts combined on the Platform. As of writing, the platform has also celebrated its anniversary with a record of more than 1.2 Million Monthly active users in the country. As a reminder, Spotify Costs the following as of the writing of this article.

  •  Individual plan- KES 299
  • Duo plan- KES 389
  • Student plan- KES 149
  • Family Plan- KES 149.

In addition, in 2021, Spotify introduced Greenroom, a live audio service that aimed to compete with well-established Spoon apps like Clubhouse. Unfortunately, the program did not debut on time, with just 240,000 iOS and Android installs a few weeks later. As a result, the Swedish firm began a year-long evaluation of its strategy without abandoning it.

In 2022  we have Spotify Live, which seems to provide just one new feature: interaction with Spotify’s main app. This standalone application is already available on iOS and Android in all countries where the streaming service is offered. Only the app enables users to produce and trade material at present, while the main app only delivers original content chosen by the company’s staff.

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