Nigerian startup Rísé.ng secures $150k Pre-seed funding for expansion.


Nigerian startup Risé.ng, has raised $150,000 in a pre-seed round as it prepares to launch in the country.

In order to expand its userbase, the startup wants to revolutionize service delivery by focusing on low-income earners, notably artisans and sellers who do not have access to digital/online awareness. This is where people go for such services, particularly in the post-coivd19 globe.

 Risé.ng, which was founded in 2019 by Olawunmi Oyedeji, wants to expand its pan-African network of markets in the near future,

Risé was inspired by ‘Try My Job,’ a reality TV show in which celebrities exchange occupations with their followers for a day, offering a platform for small businesses to showcase their goods and services.Risé takes use of this to offer the best selection of artists and vendors for anyone’s daily requirements.

It generally provides artisans/vendors who use its platform with a dashboard that allows them to advertise and promote their services or products using a secure finance layout that makes payment simple and secure, while the user works with an authenticated vendor/artisan who is covered by insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Technological upheaval is sweeping the globe, affecting everything from how we learn to how we obtain medical advice and shop.

Customers that use e-commerce platforms have a wealth of options for marketing their business and generating traffic, revenue, and leads. All users need to do is examine their marketing funnel and make the best selections they can.

Rsé.ng, for example, focuses on small business owners and suppliers, especially those with little or no social media presence.

Whether it’s broadening the reach of their work or negotiating a higher price for their wares, online platforms help talented rural artists sustain their livelihood.

With a growing number of small firms transferring their activities online, the next phase of e-commerce has arrived. A slew of e-commerce start-ups are assisting businesses in building an online existence and branding.

If you have an online presence or an e-commerce company, ranking in the search engines and generating consistent traffic to your business is straightforward. And, with the correct marketing and service tactics in place, this traffic can eventually be converted into paying customers for the business.