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You Need To Visit This Website Which Allows You To Search For Fuel In Kenya

by Vanessa Waithera
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iko where

This website allows you to search for fuel in Kenya.

Kenya has suffered a big setback in recent weeks, with rising gas prices and now a major fuel scarcity in the last three weeks. As the pumps went dry, motorists faced long lines and rationing at gas stations. Motorists are not permitted to purchase more than a particular amount of gas in some stations. This has been happening because oil sellers have claimed that the state owes them unpaid subsidy payments.

The government’s payment delay has prompted a spike in the wholesale market, where oil majors resale fuel to smaller independent fuel merchants, who control 40% of the market. As a result, smaller shops have been hesitant to purchase the costly fuel, despite increased supplies from oil majors failing to close the gap.

‘If you know any gas station in your area that has fuel, comment with name, location, available fuel,’ the Motorist Association of Kenya said on Twitter in a public appeal to ease congestion at petrol stations.

It can be aggravating to have to switch from one gas station to another.

A platform was established with the help of a clever Kenyan named Gichuho on Twitter, which allows Kenyan motorists to discover petrol stations that have fuel. A website called Iko Where is used to locate fuel. The website includes a list of petrol stations, their locations, and information on whether or not they have fuel.

The data in the crowd-sourced database was gathered from drivers all around the country. They simply need to enter their location, station, fuel type, and fuel availability. Users can also look for information by county, town, area, or road.

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