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T4 Education partnered up with HP and Intel to honor African teachers.

by Yvone Kendi
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T4 Education has partnered with HP and Intel to reward African Teachers with the inaugural Africa Education Medal in Nairobi on 12th April.

The medal aims to honor individuals who are working tirelessly to revolutionize education across Africa, and to highlight the tales of those who have ignited the flame of change so that others will be motivated to carry on the torch.

“Quality education will help African countries grow and prosper. And it will help Africa produce the public leaders of tomorrow who will go on to grapple with the continent’s greatest challenges from inequality, to climate change, food insecurity, and disease. The Africa Education Medal recognizes those who are working every day to make that vision a reality,” said Vikas Pota, Founder and CEO of T4 Education.

“In Kenya, and all across Africa, we need to see everyone from both the public and private sectors working together to ensure we can provide quality education to every child. I urge inspirational leaders from Kenya and all over our continent to come forward and apply for the Africa Education Medal so others can learn from their shining examples,” Kimotho, Senior Deputy Director at Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development noted.

The Medal is accessible to educators and school administrators, civil society leaders, public servants, government officials, political leaders, as well as technologists, and innovators who are working to promote pre-kindergarten, K-12, vocational, and university education.

“HP has been committed to enabling better learning outcomes for 100 million people between 2015-and 2025. Achieving this bold goal wouldn’t be possible without empowered education leaders and trailblazers who are at the forefront of the rapidly changing education environment,” said Brad Pulford, MD at HP Africa.

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