Huawei’s second car imminent, could offer over 1,000 km of range


Through a partnership with Seres(Sokon), Huawei launched their first car in 2021, the AITO M5. The AITO brand, which stands for “Adding Intelligence to Auto” is working on their second car, the M7.

Thanks to a listing on China’s MIIT database, information has been received that Huawei is going to launch the new car. The M7 is going to be bigger than the M5 with actual dimensions of 5020mm of length and 1945mm in width and 1775mm height. The weight stands at 2340kg and a planned capacity of 6 occupants.

The M7 will have the same high range of the M5, it will achieve this by utilising a range extender. Under the hood there will be a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder petrol generator whose sole purpose is to charge the battery. In the case of the M5, it could achieve a pure electric range of only 150km but while combined with the petrol generator, the range turned to 1195km. No exact details of range have been revealed but M7 is expected come close to that of the M5. The listing only mentions that the electric drive motor is rated at power/peak of 72kW/200kW with the maximum net engine power shown to be 90kW /120 hp.

Leaked photos of the car’s interior reveal a big central screen with Harmony OS running the show. There are also two wireless charging pads visible just below the screen.

On the exterior, the M7 features the same enormous air ventilation grill at the frontal bumper that was present on the M5.

According to the listing, the M7 will come in five-spoke and ten-spoke wheel options, with optional upgrades such as chrome greyish translucent tinted windows, or ink-black translucent tinted windows. 

No more details have been uncovered so far, but since the car is also certified to go ahead with production, it’s only a matter of time before more specifics are revealed.